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  •  Completed Appeal forms - just sign and file
  •  At least 3 comparables to attach to your appeal
  •  Copy of our e-book, Appealing Your Property Taxes - gives you all the tools you need to win including: what evidence is accepted and relevent, what to expect at the hearing, appeal board requirements, and much more insider info regarding your rights as a taxpayer

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Commercial/Industrial or Income Producing Property

What you get

  • No Fee unless we win
  • Comprehensive analysis of your current assessment - learn more
  • On site visit
  • Full representation - we handle all aspects of your appeal from filing, submitting evidence, and appearing at all meetings and hearings. 


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Tips to Winning Your Property Tax Appeal

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Useful Resources

Department of Local Government Finance

Indiana Board of Tax Review

International Association of Assessing Officers

Indiana County Assessors Association

National Taxpayers Union


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