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Because the appeal process can be labor intensive and time consuming, hiring a professional is the most effective way to dispute tax rates. When you appeal on your own there is considerable risk of your case being denied because the process demands that all evidence submitted is compliant with the many rules and regulations of Indiana tax law. Here at Correct Property Tax LLC we handle the appeal from beginning to end in accordance with these regulations. We provide a stress-free process while increasing your chance of success from 40 percent to over 90 percent. 

How It Works

Our representatives will first do an on-site inspection of your property.  This will include taking measurements of all buildings and improvements. We will then perform a cost analysis based on cost of construction minus depreciation.  Then we will do a sales comparison valuation.  This will be based on sales of your type of property within the last 3 years. If your property is leased, we will perform a value based on income generated from the property.

If your assessment is fair, we will inform you accordingly with a comprehensive Assessment Analysis at no charge.

If however, we conclude that your assessment is too high, we will file the necessary forms to appeal. We will submit all evidence to support our appeal and appear at any and all hearings. If we achieve a reduction and it is certified by the assessor we will inform you of the amount of tax savings.  Then and only then will you receive an invoice for work performed.  Our fee is 50% of the first year savings.  For example if we save you $1000, you would get a refund or credit of $1000 on your tax bill and you would owe us $500.  That value is guarenteed for the current year and one year immediately following.  So in the example scenerio, it would cost you $500 to save $2000. 

It's a win win.


*When filing an appeal, a valuation can increase, decrease, or remain as is. All appeals must be filed with the local county assessor. If a desired result is not achieved an appeal can be filed with the Indiana State Board of Tax Review. The decision of the Indiana Board of Tax Review is final. An appeal may be filed to the Indiana Supreme Court but will require an attorney to do so.

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Useful Resources

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